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The Legend of Zelda Fanart

Art of Hyrule

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Hello and welcome!

This is the community for Zelda fanart. Because Zelda rocks.

Like anywhere, there have to be rules as well. They are just a few and it should be no problem to follow them.

- Be nice! Constructive criticism is fine, but no flaming. If somebody is flamed, the flamer gets banned.

- You can post art of characters/scenes/whatever you like, as long as it is Zelda-related. You also can post artworks that aren't by you as long as you give the artist credit or the source where you found the picture. If you have no clue where you found the picture, tell us at least that the picture is not by you. I want no lies here. It is much work to make a picture and everyone would be very offended if his/her art is stolen.

- You can make requests and link to sites where Zelda art can be found.

- Post your artworks behind a < lj-cut >!

- If you join here, I would like if you would post one of your artwork instead of a looong entry about yourself. Because that's why this community exists.

- Have fun and start to draw! There is never enought fanart out there!

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